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1975 Cockburn

Posted: 01:00 Fri 27 Aug 2010
by DRT
The Crusting Pipe, London, 26th August 2010. AHB, Cookie, jdaw1 and Uncle Tom in attendance.

Theme: Bring a vintage port to share - to be served blind.

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Re: 1975 Cockburn

Posted: 09:46 Fri 27 Aug 2010
by jdaw1
C75, from THRA. Vomit orange colour. Very very tawnified, though still sweet. Dead.

Who would have thought it: a 1975 that was not good to drink? Gosh! Well I never.

Re: 1975 Cockburn

Posted: 09:50 Fri 27 Aug 2010
by DRT
Do I need to ask where it came in the ratings for WOTN?

Re: 1975 Cockburn

Posted: 00:17 Mon 30 Aug 2010
by AHB
Pale brown and cloudy, since it was not decanted. Faint figs and dates on the nose, Apple juice; spicy juniper running through a sweet bruised apple. Some heat and acidity and rather an angular structure. Hot aftertaste, followed by a brown sugar finish. Drinkable, but not fantastic by any means; I have had much better bottles than this. 80/100. Drunk 26 August 2010.

Re: 1975 Cockburn

Posted: 00:26 Tue 31 Aug 2010
by Andy Velebil
DRT wrote:Do I need to ask where it came in the ratings for WOTN?
Second, behind the corked bottle :lol: