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1992 Quevedo colheita

Posted: 10:23 Sat 09 Oct 2010
by AHB
Red / brown in colour; 60% opaque. Hot nose, with little coming through other than some cinnamon. Some heat on the palate from good acidity, with lots of green apples and dried dates. A big, long finish of dark chocolate; really big a full of bitter orange marmalade. Served blind, I guessed this to be a colheita from 1995. 88/100. Drunk 27 September 2010.

Re: 1992 Quevedo colheita

Posted: 22:42 Tue 11 Jan 2011
by jdaw1
In The Douro Valley with Friends, Harvest 2010:

Re: 1992 Quevedo colheita

Posted: 22:44 Tue 11 Jan 2011
by jdaw1
Qv92 colheita, served blind. Red-brown 50% opaque. Nose burnt and caramelised. Bake? To taste, quite astringent. Medium-short; lean. DRT: ‟acidic oranges”. ADV: ‟nice spices”.

Guessed, correctly, to be a colheita.