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1992 Vesuvio reserve colheita

Posted: 10:32 Sat 09 Oct 2010
by AHB
Butterscotch orange in colour; 30% opaque. Smelling of figs and quince and caramel. Nice balance on the palate of sweet citrus, burnt sugar and cleansing acidity. Generous depth, which reveals more and more orange. The butterscotch dominates the aftertaste, and slowly changes to a more burnt sugar flavour. Lovely everyday drinking - visitors to Vesuvio are doubly blessed if they also have the chance to taste this wine as well as admire the beauty of the estate and its views. 88/100. Drunk 24 September 2010.

Re: 1992 Vesuvio reserve colheita

Posted: 05:24 Wed 12 Jan 2011
by jdaw1
In The Douro Valley with Friends, Harvest 2010: