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1983 Niepoort Vintage Port

Posted: 05:19 Mon 15 Nov 2010
by SushiNorth
Vintage Oddities at 30: NYC Nov 14 2010.
Tasting Review, 1975 Ferreira, 1983 Niepoort, 1984 Dow's Quinta do Bomfim, Organization, Placemats

Decanted at 3:30, started tasting at 6:30 (+3 hrs) from a bottle purchased by SushiNorth in the last year at retail store. There was miniscule sediment in the filter during decant, all of it was quite properly glued to one side of the bottle and took effort to dislodge for a double decant. The cork came out intact, though there were signs of seepage underneath the foil.

Re: 1983 Niepoort Vintage Port

Posted: 21:26 Mon 13 Dec 2010
by jdaw1
And how was the taste?

Re: 1983 Niepoort Vintage Port

Posted: 22:46 Thu 23 Dec 2010
by SushiNorth
Niepoort 1983
Color: Exceptionally light in color (nearly rose), drifting toward brown, but very gradual. Core retains pink hue.
Nose: Spirit dominates, with a cherry hint.
Mouth: Huge, beautiful up front, fades after quickly filling mouth with flavor. Vanilla, cherry, cinnamon, and lots of fruit left.

+3 what happened?
Color: Brown/pink, w/ rose in center. Good clarity.
Nose: Huge spirity nose, hint of skunkiness.
Mouth: Spirity, milk chocolate, heavy red fruits. Jeff: Raisiny (I agree). All up front, a little green at end.