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1975 Fonseca

Posted: 02:01 Mon 10 Jan 2011
by jdaw1

Re: 1975 Fonseca

Posted: 04:40 Mon 10 Jan 2011
by g-man

Cinnamon and cardamon backed with a fading baked strawberry.

Sweetness on the entry followed with a complex blend of spices. Spicy cinnamon and a touch of black licorice, light medium bodied port that reminds me stewing strawberries.

It ends with a hazelnut finish that lingers around for a little while. Pure finesse and the best 1975 i've ever had.



The fruit has faded but it's picked up much more body. Surprisingly the body has fleshed out in to a medium/full bodied port. Incredibly smooth and spicy.

I love the feel, but I needed the fruit that was there yesterday.


Re: 1975 Fonseca

Posted: 17:09 Mon 10 Jan 2011
by jdaw1
F75, served blind. Red, 30% opacity. Nosing of boiled candy. Lovely flavours of boiled candy and maraschino cherry. Medium light.