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1975 Niepoort LBV

Posted: 19:08 Sat 05 Feb 2011
by KillerB
From the LBV Old and New - part 2 tasting:
An explanation that this was made from grapes 'deemed not good enough for the worst declaration in living memory' didn't give us much hope, and so it proved. Light, thin, acidic and fruitless. Ho hum, too old again.

Re: 1975 Niepoort LBV

Posted: 01:52 Mon 07 Feb 2011
by DRT
Red/orange. Spirit on the nose. Very tawny and hot. A big, sweet finish that then turned bitter.

Let's not pretend, this wasn't good. Not even close to being so. As I said on the night: this juice didn't make the cut when they picked the best stuff for the 1975 VP :shock:

But, two days late it was actually quite a pleasant glass of port.

Re: 1975 Niepoort LBV

Posted: 15:25 Mon 07 Feb 2011
by AHB
Bottled unfiltered in 1979. Slightly cloudy, very pale orange in colour, only 10% opaque. Unattractive plastic smells on the nose. Neutral - even hollow - entry with some honey and a bit of grapefruit sweetened with brown sugar. Hollow aftertaste, which does evolve into a gentle floral finish. Very underwhelming. 78/100.