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2000 Dow vintage port

Posted: 03:42 Mon 21 Mar 2011
by SushiNorth
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2000 Dow, decanted 24hrs

Re: 2000 Dow vintage port

Posted: 18:37 Mon 21 Mar 2011
by g-man
Total dumb phase right now.

I had to chew to get the flavors out of this one,

the nose has that spicy and raw green peppers note I found in the 07 but it was muted.

The flavors were muted to at first, but then opened up into some tart cherries with a strong tannic backbone.
Fulll flavored and not as sweet as expected with a bitter finish.

I put this at 90 pts in a relative scale as it tasted like it had all the stuffings of good port but I m not sure how to really judge this now as it defintely was muted.

Re: 2000 Dow vintage port

Posted: 04:12 Thu 24 Mar 2011
by g-man
T+6 days

Tight raisins, plums and allspice on the nose.

Strong tannins, over ripe figs, tart cherries, lush stewed cinnamon plums and more tannins. Finishes with a gripping tannic bite of sweet star anise.

A definitely improvement from T+2.


Re: 2000 Dow vintage port

Posted: 15:24 Fri 25 Mar 2011
by g-man

2000 (24+hrs)
A dark purple - similar in color to the '94. Also somewhat tight, dark-toned nose of liquorice, chocolate and cherries. The palate is rich with very bright acidity, young chalky tannins and a chocolately, slightly hot finish. As with the '97, I liked this a lot but it has yet to blossom. 93+ pts