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NV Fonseca 30Y tawny

Posted: 22:02 Wed 30 Mar 2011
by jdaw1

Re: 30Y Fonseca tawny

Posted: 11:47 Sun 03 Apr 2011
by Axel P
I just learned from Albino Jorge, that although Fonseca is not producing a 30y old Tawny anymore they are continuing to produce 40y old Tawny. This might be an interesting question to Adrian to learn some more about the Fonseca Tawny philosophy.



Re: 30Y Fonseca tawny

Posted: 23:57 Thu 07 Apr 2011
by jdaw1
F 30Y. Cloudy. Sour nose. To taste very hot, harsh, with oranges.

A damaged bottle a shame, but there it is.