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1970 Gould Campbell

Posted: 21:15 Fri 01 Apr 2011
by DRT

Re: The Bottle

Posted: 21:29 Fri 01 Apr 2011
by DRT
Cherry cola on the nose. Silky smooth entry with a little heat followed by a burst of chocolate and dry cherry. Nice long, warm finish. I love this stuff and am glad I am sharing my last bottle of four with someone who is enjoying it.

Re: 1970 Gould Campbell

Posted: 21:44 Fri 01 Apr 2011
by AHB
Double decanted this morning and then decanted about 3 hours ago.

This is mid red in colour, young but apparently approaching early maturity. Still 90% opaque and with pigmentation into the rim but the colour has softened slightly from the vibrant magenta of youth.

On the nose it has an odd earthy or burnt rubber smell; perhaps the early stages of bottle stink developing in a bottle. Time in the glass will tell.

Medium-light bodied entry, simple at first but patience allows a lovely crescendo of dry and slightly sour fruit flavours to slowly build up to a really delightful and elegant peak. On swallowing, there is a burst of deep and rich raisin and dried cherry before a flash of heat and then a long finish of dark chocolate.

This is an odd port with the nose and palate being conflicting. I like it; the finish is a real feature. 91/100.