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1987 Taylor's Quinta de Vargellas Vintage Port

Posted: 13:03 Thu 21 Jun 2007
by RonnieRoots
Tasted September 2004:

[qoute]very deep colour, with an almost black centre. Dominant smell of flowers, with an addition of something meaty. Also some cherries and good freshness. Still a bit closed. Then the taste: Smack! A very powerful fruitbomb, packed with tannins. Beatifully layered with licorice, bay leaf, black pepper, peppermint. Nicely integrated sweetness (some strawberries). Long, lovely finish with figs, prunes and spices. This still has a long life ahead of it. Best 1987 I tasted so far, I need to buy more! 93 points.[/quote]

Posted: 22:30 Thu 21 Jun 2007
by StevieCage
Tasted 31.08.2004: Bought the day of the tasting and double decanted in the store I bought it from 3 hours before tasting it non-blind (for me, the Roots only knew it was a ’87 and not the Guimaraens or Kopke).
Much darker than the Ferreira. Very dark, almost black, with only a bit of pink on the thin rim showing its age.
Powerful nose, extremely rich and floral (like hiking through a field of sweet honey clover on a summer day). Meaty as well, and some red cherry in the background.
Not thick bodied, but close enough. Amazing concentration and youthfulness. Ripe dark fruit is quickly replaced with liquorice and even a hint of peppermint. The midpalate shows a distinct touch of exotic spice.
Does this finish end? It’s fresh, with superb chocolate, lavender, red fruit flavours and loads of grip.
What a STUNNING Port! It is now approachable for sure, but will repay additional cellaring (it is still showing mostly primary fruit flavours). There is just a little bit left; I’m looking forward to tasting it tomorrow! For now I’d give this Port 93 points, with room for improvement. I’ll be getting myself more of it!

Posted: 23:18 Thu 21 Jun 2007
by DRT had a large consignment of these within the past year at £110 per 6 pack excluding VAT. Great value for a 93 point wine, especially as these were ex-cellars 2006 bottles.

For some reason I can't get on their site but I know they still had some recently.


Posted: 07:35 Fri 22 Jun 2007
by RonnieRoots
That's a very good price indeed. Is that including taxes?
Since this TN (2004) I've already acquired a case + a couple of loose bottles, but one can never have enough. :D

Posted: 08:48 Fri 22 Jun 2007
by DRT
Unfortunately that doesn't include duty or VAT so it works out around £140 for 6 + delivery.


Posted: 08:51 Fri 22 Jun 2007
by RonnieRoots
Ah, ok. That's about the same price I paid. Still very much a fair deal IMO.