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1994 Morgan vintage port

Posted: 22:25 Sun 01 May 2011
by AHB
A half bottle, that had been decanted from a full bottle in September 2009, corked and waxed before being stored in the wine cabinet.

A deep red, showing little signs of maturity and still 90% opaque. Very fragrant nose, full of blackcurrant and a streak of lavender. Masses of fruit on the palate, still very dry with chocolately tannins drying the tonge, but so much fruit! The acidity is there, but well balanced. Air releases quite exquisite floral tones. The acidity burns slightly on swallowing, but this quickly passes to leave a mouth-watering smokey blueberry and blackcurrant bitter chocolate finish. Absolutely delightful port, which still needs a few years before it hits its peak. 89/100. Drunk 26 April 2011 after 2 hours decant.