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2010 Quevedo

Posted: 08:26 Mon 27 Jun 2011
by jdaw1
Tasted from tank in October, and liked so much that a half bottle was allowed, for analysis purposes only. Of course, not (yet) submitted; not (yet) approved; not (yet) declared.

Qv10, on 19th June 2011: 100% opaque bright red-purple. Nose has big grape fruit, and mixed bright herbs lavender and mint, perhaps. Taste is mid-weight, same grape fruit, only a hint of lavender, and heat very very late in the palate, after swallowing. Very drinkable indeed.

After a small glass, my teeth are dry with tannin.
By PM, jdaw1 wrote:Please may I write a tasting note on the Qv10 sample you gave me last year?
Oscar Quevedo wrote:Of course you can write a tasting note on our V10. I always appreciate your comments, and would definitively be great to know what you think about our 2010!
I have also used this permission to identify a cask sample consumed on Tuesday 22nd April 2011 at The Crusting Pipe.