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1998 Dow Bomfim

Posted: 13:53 Mon 08 Aug 2011
by jdaw1
DB98: Opened for the Paris Annexe to the Vintage Port from the Nineteen Nineties. Accompanied by a TTF86. Small placemats.

Decanted at noon. For the first time a cork from DB98 wasn’t dry and crumbly; this cork was in good condition. At d+3hr the priming sample still dark red, 85% opaque. Nose a bit closed, medium-sweet, but closed. Another four hours in the decanter will work wonders.

Re: 1998 Dow Bomfim

Posted: 19:06 Mon 08 Aug 2011
by jdaw1
DB98, at D+8hr.

JDAW: nose has gone all wonky, very acrid. Taste rather matches, in a way that hides other flavours. Is that TCA? Not happy about that at all and it definitely wasn’t there earlier.

CFD: nose ‟something a bit like rotten flesh”.

Re: 1998 Dow Bomfim

Posted: 01:48 Tue 09 Aug 2011
by jdaw1
So clingfilm was put in a pint glass, and the port on top. Much much better! Not in any sense great, but hugely improved drinkable, after the TTF86.

I think that paying attention to other port tasters has increased my TCA sensitivity. It isn’t clear whether this be good or bad.

Re: 1998 Dow Bomfim

Posted: 23:07 Thu 11 Aug 2011
by DRT
jdaw1 wrote:drinkable, after the TTF86.
I think this perhaps invalidates the results of the experiment.

But, more seriously, ‟rotten flesh” doesn't sound like TCA. Did it taste overly acidic/rancid, like vinegar? Did it taste of vegetables? (I don't expect jdaw1 to be able to answer that question, but it had to be asked) Or did it taste of wood, smoked/damp wood in particular?