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1937 Pinto White Colheita

Posted: 23:23 Thu 15 Dec 2011
by gerwin.degraaf
Bottled in 1973. Bottle states (French label): Blond Doré (golden blond), Demi-sec (semi-dry) (never seen this statement on port before, have any of you?)

Opened it up by means of my port tongs, decanted and served directly, at slightly below cellar temp (about 10,5 Celcius).
Colour: golden amber, tawny. With a great glow/shine to it.

Did not take notes yesterday, so partly from memory and partly from the last glass of it that I am sipping on now (12-15) :mrgreen:
lots of dried fruits (apricot, orangepeel, some plums), a little cinnamon maybe and lovely darker tones in the second phase.

again a mouthfull of round intense dried fruits (apricot, peach, pear maybe), a little heat (from the time in de decanter? don't recall this from yesterday. Further, a hint of leather and chocolate following.

Full, warm and long (over a minute now) :nirvana: .

Apart from the bottle and maybe the colour, I would think this comes close to an old regular (red) Colheita with a lot of years in the barrel. Please set me straight if I am guessing wrong here, this is my first white Colheita, and I don't have any experience with (real) old Colheitas yet, so I am just guessing here.
Anyway a very very lovely experience (and if this is typical for white colheitas I will have to try to find me some more) :nirvana: :mrgreen: