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1966 Fonseca

Posted: 14:52 Mon 16 Apr 2012
by jdaw1
Some of the obvious suspects gathered, with Stephanie T. Galley (friend of wife of jdaw1), in The Bung Hole, to drink some 1966s.


Re: 1966 Fonseca

Posted: 14:30 Wed 18 Apr 2012
by jdaw1
F66, slightly cloudy, dark red, 50% opaque. Good weight to nose, though details unrecorded. To taste lots of heat, bright and sharp, almost giving the senasation of being effervescent. Slightly dry.

Re: 1966 Fonseca

Posted: 10:01 Sun 29 Apr 2012
by AHB
Peatling & Cawdron bottled. Cloudy, difficult to judge opacity. Closed on the nose, showing very little. A touch bland on entry, showing nothing much more than syrup but grows nicely on the palate. Tannins show in the palate as slight dryness mixed in with the gentle red jelly beanflavours. A slightly hollow aftertaste followed by a fabulous long and lingering floral and coffee finish. Very lovely, but loses out to the competition. 91/100.