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1958 Warre

Posted: 07:24 Fri 08 Jun 2012
by jdaw1
In The Bung Hole, on Wednesday 6th June 2012, we said farewell to everybody’s favourite French-Armenian waitress.


Re: 1958 Warre

Posted: 08:16 Fri 08 Jun 2012
by AHB
Pale orange in colour, 30% opaque. Tobacco and bitter kumquat on the nose. Sweet and delicate on the palate; lots of tobacco flavours and bitter-dry nutskins. The late palate has some honey sweetness offset by bitter orange. Long finish that is also very bitter. Overall this is dried out and declining, but is still enjoyable. 85/100. 4 hour decant.

Re: 1958 Warre

Posted: 16:52 Wed 13 Jun 2012
by uncle tom
This a lone bottle I aquired a while back, and decidedly more aged than W58 from my other stash.

Very elegant juice, as old Warre's always are, if a little dried out. Nevertheless, by a narrow margin, my preferred wine of the night.

Re: 1958 Warre

Posted: 19:19 Sat 16 Jun 2012
by jdaw1
W58, brought by THRA and decanted at 14:30. Orange, 20% opaque, and clearly the most faded port on the table. Nose faint, with marmalade. The same reappears mid-palate, preceded and followed by heat. Rather dried out.