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1967 Sandeman

Posted: 07:24 Fri 08 Jun 2012
by jdaw1
In The Bung Hole, on Wednesday 6th June 2012, we said farewell to everybody’s favourite French-Armenian waitress.


Re: 1967 Sandeman

Posted: 08:17 Fri 08 Jun 2012
by AHB
Deep burnished orange in colour, 80% opaque. Pronounced nose, full of dried fruit and dried flowers. Thick in texture, concentrated sweet fruit and powerful ripe acidity. Good palate presence. A touch of heat on the aftertaste, then a big and powerful finish. Really impressive port. 90/100. 1 hour decant.

Re: 1967 Sandeman

Posted: 19:19 Sat 16 Jun 2012
by jdaw1
S67, brought by RAYC but paid for by the team. Decant time not noted. Brick red, 50% opaque. Port slightly cold, but also hot. Gentle bitterness throughout, nicely balanced. Good port, but the bitterness too strong for my preference.