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1980 Dow

Posted: 08:28 Fri 27 Jul 2012
by jdaw1
On the Wednesday before the 2012 Olympics we were guests of His Excellency Dr João de Vallera, the Portuguese Ambassador to the Court of St James, at his official residence, wherein we had two bottles of Port from each summer-Olympic year, 1948 to 2008.


Re: 1980 Dow

Posted: 15:26 Sat 04 Aug 2012
Bottle 1 - corked
Bottle 2 - not a great example NR

Re: 1980 Dow

Posted: 16:34 Thu 09 Aug 2012
by jdaw1
D80 (mine): dark dark red, 80% opaque. Soft start. Then acidic heat. Fades fast. Should be better.

D80 (other): dirty and awful.