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1966 Fonseca

Posted: 14:27 Tue 25 Sep 2012
by PhilW
On Monday 24th September 2012, several members of TPF met at TBH for a dual mini-vertical of Warre's and Fonseca ports of the same years.


Re: 1966 Fonseca

Posted: 10:53 Wed 31 Oct 2012
by AHB
Deep red in colour, with a very solid rim; 90% opaque. Fabulous nose, with a wonderful lime juice dominating. Delicious milk chocolate entry, sweet raisins and gentle cocoa tannins. Great concentration and depth of flavour. Huge aftertaste, massive and fabulous finish. This is stunning, fabulous port - just an immense presence. 95/100. Decanted 9 hours

Re: 1966 Fonseca

Posted: 16:48 Sat 29 Mar 2014
by jdaw1
F66, Anduze decanting — uncorked 07:00, decanted 10:00. Dark dark red, 70% opaque. Nose of dark plum. Palate had big soft red. Lovely, though lighter than the W66.

Re: 1966 Fonseca

Posted: 17:44 Fri 11 Apr 2014
by PhilW
Rating: Very Good