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1989 Gran Cruz VP

Posted: 22:03 Mon 08 Oct 2007
by StevieCage
1989 Gran Cruz VP â€‟ what fun to see this wine in the line-up! I was very interested to find out how this would taste after the stories of the Crusting Pipe offline. I did not find the nose that enchanting â€‟ it did not give much. Supple bodied, nice structure, but a bit medicinal tasting. A slight hotness distract from an otherwise pleasant finish.
Not a bad VP at all â€‟ just one-dimensional. That does not mean I would finish a bottle of this in no time! Very nice to have tasted.

Posted: 22:32 Mon 08 Oct 2007
by RonnieRoots
This bottle was not on the same level as the one we tasted at the Crusting Pipe Offline, but still enjoyable. The nose was not very pleasant, very alcoholic and medicinal. Pretty taste, spicy and still rather youthful fruit. Slightly one-dimensional and light, but an easy drinker and pleasant as such.