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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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TN Title Format

Post by DRT » 11:48 Sun 04 Aug 2013

As those who have been around :tpf: for a while will know we have had a number of different people taking responsibility for the creation of a TN Index, each of whom has come up with a slightly different solution. One of the recurring themes is that the solutions that have been developed have attempted to cope with the inconsistency in the naming of TN threads. This has made the solutions cumbersome and might have contributed to the reasons why each of the former solutions have fallen into disuse. It also means that whoever volunteers to build the next index solution has to re-learn and re-implement all of the jiggery-pokery that was used by previous versions.

In order to make life a little simpler I am attempting to standardise the naming of TN threads by trawling through the database and editing them individually. I am already one third of the way through this and should be finished in about a week from today. The initial benefit of this is that the temporary index solution that i implemented yesterday will be sorted alphabetically and by date in a reasonably consistent manner. The longer term benefit is that it will be less complicated to build a new and more sophisticated TN Index in the future without having to compensate or compromise for bad data.

I plan to periodically sweep through new TN threads to apply consistency but it would be extremely helpful if those who create threads regularly could follow these standards:
  1. All ports
    1. Please do not use possessives - e.g. Taylor's should be Taylor, Graham's should be Graham, etc.
    2. Please do not use accents or special characters, only use letters A-Z, numbers 0-9 and, if really necessary, parenthesis () or apostrophes.
      If it is necessary to use an apostrophe because it is included in the name of a shipper (e.g. Quevedo Vale D'Agodinho) please use a straight and not a curly apostrophe. (Yes, JDAW, all of this applies to you.)
    3. Please do not include information in the title that can be included in the thread - e.g. "Previously known as bottle A", "Corked", "Leaking", etc.
  2. Vintage-dated Ports
    1. All VPs should be entered in the format "YYYY Name" - e.g. 1985 Taylor, 1867 Smith Woodhouse, etc. Please do not include "VP" or "Vintage Port".
    2. Please abbreviate the name of SQVP's from shippers whose port brands are not restricted to one quinta - e.g. Taylor Vargellas, Graham Malvedos, Churchill Agua Alta, etc. Shippers that are known by their quinta name should use the full quinta title - e.g. Quinta do Noval, Quinta do Crasto, Quinta do Vesuvio, etc.
    3. Colheitas should be named in the same way as VP with the addition of "Colheita" after the name of the shipper - e.g. 1997 Niepoort Colheita.
    4. LBV should be named in the same way as VP with the addition of "LBV" at the end. Indicating that an LBV is unfiltered, bottle matured, etc is encouraged. - e.g. 2005 Taylor LBV or 1995 Warre Bottle Matured LBV.
  3. Non-vintage-dated Ports
    1. All non vintage ports should begin with "NV".
    2. Aged tawnies should use 10YR, 20YR, 30YR or 40YR to consistently identify the style - e.g. NV Graham 30YR Tawny.
    3. Standard rubies and tawnies should be in the format NV Name - e.g. NV Cockburn Special Reserve, NV Taylor Fine Tawny, etc.
    4. Crusted ports should be in the format NV Name Crusted YYYY - e.g. NV Graham Crusted 2004
Examples of what is good!

1948 Taylor
1908 Cockburn
1931 Niepoort Garrafeira
1994 Warre Bottle Matured LBV
2005 Taylor LBV
NV Ferriera 20YO Tawny
NV Quinta do Noval Crusted 1962

Examples of what is bad!

1983 Real Vinicola Vintage Port (see 2.a.)
Offley Boa Vista 1972 (see 2.a.)
Cruz 20 year old tawny (see 3.a. and 3.b.)
1977 Dow (corked) (see 1.c.)

Your assistance will be rewarded in whichever heaven you believe in.

"The first duty of Port is to be red"
Ernest H. Cockburn

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