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1955 Cockburn Vintage Port

Posted: 11:47 Sat 13 Oct 2007
by AHB
3 hours in the decanter.

A solid, deep ruby core thinning into the rim and paling to an orange meniscus. A nose of sweet mandarins and marmalade with some lovely clover honey tones. A balanced entry, sweet but with acidity to offset the sweetness. Dried fruits like prunes and figs come through. A little heat in the midpalate around huge depth and thick texture. Mature flavours, well into secondary life but still with lots of fruit and christmas cake. An aftertaste that is not huge, but just goes on and on with sweet black licorice dominating the flavours. Well above average and into the top quartile for drinking today. This wine is showing wonderfully and is not likely to fall apart anytime soon - 8/8 (and my very close runner-up as wine of the night). 95/100.