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1980 Fonseca Vintage Port

Posted: 11:48 Sat 13 Oct 2007
by AHB
1 hour double-decanted.

A clear colour, light and transparent; rosey hue with some bricking on the rim. A lovely, uplifting nose of herbs and lavender over a strawberry syrup. A sweet, neutral entry with lots of redcurrants and some raisins; a nice and spicey mid-palate. A sweet, gentle aftertaste dominated by Seville orange marmalade that slowly morphs into a slightly bitter coffee. Drinking very nicely today but with lots of life ahead of it yet and probably still room for improvement. 6/7 or 90/100.

[This was another of the wines that changed dramatically in the glass over the course of the evening. When returning to this wine 3 hours later it was considerably more elegant and integrated than it had been when first tasted. On the later showing this port would probably have been rated as 7/7 or 91/100.]