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1963 Dow

Posted: 02:58 Sun 20 Oct 2013
by JAC
This is a bottle of 1963 Dow labeled "Shipped & Bottled by Charles Kinloch" that I bought from WineConsigners,com. The bottle was in excellent condition, and I was shocked when he cork (which seemed very soft) came out easily and in one piece. I'd say at least 60% opaque. Reddish brown color. No offensive odors upon opening. No unpleasant tastes either. I poured half of it into an old half bottle and put it in the refrigerator.


After an hour, it had put on weight, but also developed a bit of a bitter aftertaste. After three hours, it just tasted thin with a bit of heat. About the same after five hours. Quite a disappointment.

The half bottle that I put up was noticeably better the next day, but still nowhere near what I remembered '63 Dow tasting like from several years ago.