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1970 Graham

Posted: 12:14 Wed 19 Feb 2014
by jdaw1
Suspects, mostly old but one new, gathered in the obvious place to do the obvious thing. We are creatures of habit.


Re: 1970 Graham

Posted: 12:39 Wed 19 Feb 2014
by jdaw1
G70, Oporto bottled, ☩ Cross of Jerusalem, brought by RAYC: decanted at 13:45. Bright red, 40% opaque. Nose had cherries, and smoke. Medium weight, with dry red cherry. Some heat. Also smoke, like an El Rey del Mundo at a distance. 1970, sure, but the smoke led me stray into GC rather than G.

Re: 1970 Graham

Posted: 22:16 Fri 21 Feb 2014
by AHB
Oporto Bottled. Mature in appearance with an orange rim; 40% opaque. Lovely nose, full of bright orange marmalade; really delightful. Complex on the palate, with lots of fruit showing itself in layers and with the depth of fruit with very soft tannins and perfect acidity. Delicate and complexity follows through on the aftertaste before a slight touch of heat and very fine length. Lovely port. 92/100