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1985 Gould Campbell

Posted: 13:58 Sat 12 Apr 2014
by djewesbury
After the NIWSI tasting of wood-aged ports, some friends and their friends gathered around one table with some bottles decanted earlier that day:


Excellent fun, some of the ports were a little reluctant to come out to play but nonetheless much enjoyment had. Unfortunately I lost Justin K's decanting funnel in the Gents of the Belfast School of Art's library. The librarian thought it was one of the best lost property enquiries but regretted that it had not turned up. was a half-bottle of Ni97 which remained from a few bought a couple of years ago. The others had generally been OK but this one looked fishy.

Re: 1985 Gould Campbell

Posted: 14:36 Sat 12 Apr 2014
by djewesbury
Decanted about 8 am, therefore around 14 hours.

This was light, about 50%. I found bananas in the nose, slightly cardboard, varnishy, hot rubber bands. Acid, rubbery heat in the mouth, and heat all the way through, with no fantastic fruit to speak of. This was definitely dry but it was not right to my taste.

Re: 1985 Gould Campbell

Posted: 14:47 Sat 12 Apr 2014
by flash_uk
75% opacity, brick red, slight brown in the rim. tea and tobacco, plus bananas. Great legs. Lovely balance and structure, spices and deep dark fruit. Pepper.

+3hrs...faring less well, nose of rubber bands...Still, the whole bottle got drunk :-)