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1984 Smith Woodhouse LBV (unfiltered)

Posted: 15:41 Fri 02 Nov 2007
by AHB
Opened on 31 October 2007 and drunk after 8 hours in the decanter.

A freshly labelled and "sello-ed" bottle that looks to have been a recent ex-cellars release. Decanted off a large amount of heavy sediment. Noted that the wine was bottled in 1988 so only 1 year later than would have qualified to be released as a vintage port. Ruby red in colour, turning orange at the rim. Some bottle stink at first but this blew off over the evening and revealed some lovely raspberry juice although the alcohol was a little unintegrated. Sweet entry and plenty of body with lots of the liquorice you would expect in a bottle in is secondary stages of life, some contamination from the bottle stink flavours but this faded over the evening. Plenty going on in the mid-palate. The length is good and interesting, showing nice Angostura Bitters or Quinine tones that last quite a while after a bit of heat on first swallowing. The mid-palate and aftertaste are strong features of this wine. My wine of the night. 91/100.

Posted: 22:13 Thu 19 Jun 2008
by SushiNorth
Sounds like it may be worth getting one for $30, but perhaps not two.