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1960 Warre

Posted: 23:29 Fri 25 Apr 2014
by jdaw1
Wednesday 23rd April 2014, the day before the BFT, the day after A Flight of 1966, and the same day as a vertical of Sandeman arranged by Stevens Garnier (busy week), folks gathered in The Bung Hole for 1960 versus 1963.


Re: 1960 Warre

Posted: 14:08 Tue 06 May 2014
by flash_uk
20% opacity, red-brown. Strange nose, faint hints of menthol and vanilla. Wonderful structure and balance, velvety smooth entry, caramel and a long aftertaste with some liquorice. Very nice indeed. Correctly guessed to be W60.

Re: 1960 Warre

Posted: 22:15 Fri 23 May 2014
by AHB
Pale red, 20% opaque. Modest nose of gentle, spicy sweet fruit, full of Christmas mincemeat. Soft and smooth entry, a little empty initially but an elegant balance. Gently fruity with a lovely poise and elegance. Slight heat on the aftertaste then a wonderful explosion of fruit and spice on the finish. Lovely port. 92/100.