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1963 Warre Vintage Port

Posted: 15:44 Fri 02 Nov 2007
by AHB
Opened on 31 October 2007 and drunk after 2 hours in the decanter.

Deep red core, slight pinking on the rim. Nose a little closed and with some strange vegetal tones - perhaps a little bottle stink. Sweet redcurrants on entry and some nice cinammon at the front of the mid-palate with candy / bubblegum coming through later. The mid-palate is quite fabulous with a lot going on. The aftertaste is gentle but persistent. Needs much more time in the decanter to show at its best, to blow off the bottle stink. (Unexpectedly, even with another 3-4 hours in the decanter and glass this port did not really lose much of the bottle stink. A strange bottle.) On this showing the wine was a weak example of what can be a very enjoyable drink. Bottom quartile and probably one of the 5 weakest bottles I will drink this year. 0-0 or 84/100.