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2005 Kopke VP

Posted: 22:25 Sat 03 Nov 2007
by RonnieRoots
Stevie brought this yesterday evening for us to taste blind. The first thing that struck LadyR and me was the strong nose of celery. That should have led us in the right direction, and I must say we weren't too far off. We guessed either Kopke or Crasto, from the 2003 or 2004 vintage (we left out '05 because we didn't think it was already on the market). Full and sweet, loaded with sweet and sour cherry and plums. Fruitforward style. Very enjoyable, though not mind blowing. This will probably end up somewhere in the 86-88 range.

Thanks for bringing this Stevie!

Posted: 22:35 Wed 07 Nov 2007
by StevieCage
I was actually rather amazed at the decisiveness with which you (almost) nailed this Port! The conversation went something like this:

- (Snifffff)
It's a, isn't it?
- Celery!
- Yes...or perhaps Crasto?
Either one..but young.
- Very young: 03 or 04.

It was a nice VP for sure, and Ronnie's TN describes it very well. I tried the leftover a day later: it had softened up a bit, still with dominant red fruit (cherries mostly), but it lacked a bit in tannic structure. I concur with RR's score and would add: a well made short term drinker.