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1982 Krohn Colheita

Posted: 21:57 Thu 09 Oct 2014
by LGTrotter
Needing something to accompany me late into this evening (by-election night) I opened this. Bottled 2013.

I know very little about this style of wine. Perhaps I should have decanted it but I didn't. Pale brownish with a hint of pink in there somewhere, also yellow in the middle, oddly. Quite sweet, seems quite fruity, a bit of smoke and spice. Very pleasant if a bit one dimensional.

It has more than a hint of cognac about it, I don't know if this is the cask I am tasting. Ginger as well. Looks a bit cloudy, I probably should have decanted it.

The longer it is open the bigger it gets, this is a very good port when I consider what I paid for it.