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1960 Warre

Posted: 21:42 Thu 05 Mar 2015
by PhilW
Although I don't often open a <='77 at home for myself, tonight I opened a W60 obtained at auction last year. WOW. Absolutely fabulous. Phenomenal. Definitely the best port I have tasted this year so far, and then some.

As dark as a well-kept '70, but with the rim of a '55, this is full, mature, massive with huge length and a range of flavour complexity that I need an Alex in my pocket to help me describe.

As good as W55, though not quite as mature. Better than F70, with more complexity and length. So much flavour, so complex, such length, so delicious. The closest I can get to a flavour profile would be somewhere between Ni77, W55 and F70.

Just. Perfect. Port. Love it.
(Mike, you also have one from this batch)

Re: 1960 Warre

Posted: 10:36 Fri 06 Mar 2015
by PhilW
I did try and write a tasting note for last night's port, rather than just effusing about it; it started off ok - "the flavour begins with hints of sherbet and fresh strawberries, quickly becoming very full, massive and highly complex with..." and then struggled. There were definitely hints of cloves, figs, perhaps a touch of molasses, yet also strawberry jam; but I'm just not doing it justice. It just rolled round the mouth giving more and more.

Rating: Excellent+/Excellent++

Re: 1960 Warre

Posted: 11:41 Fri 06 Mar 2015
by flash_uk
PhilW wrote:Rating: Excellent+/Excellent++
PhilW wrote:Just. Perfect. Port. Love it.
(Mike, you also have one from this batch)
Woo hoo :D :D

Re: 1960 Warre

Posted: 19:48 Fri 06 Mar 2015
by jdaw1
I am available at blind tastings, coming soon, and later. Though my memory will probably fail.