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1975 Fonseca

Posted: 15:02 Fri 01 May 2015
by jdaw1
On Tuesday 5th May 2015, the evening before The B.F.T., in the year of Fonseca’s 200th Bicentenary, we gathered in the Boot & Flogger and tasted some Fonsecas.


Re: 1975 Fonseca

Posted: 12:12 Sat 09 May 2015
by jdaw1
F75. red-pink, 30% opaque. Lighter than the older Ports, in both colour and palate. Some heat. Though light, a pleasant Port behind it. Far behind the first rank, but a pleasant decent light drinking Port.

Re: 1975 Fonseca

Posted: 17:12 Mon 01 Jun 2015
by flash_uk
30% opacity, warm red. Nose had a chemical hint - chlorine. Sharp edge on the palate.

Re: 1975 Fonseca

Posted: 17:54 Sat 13 Jun 2015
by AHB
Mid red colour, paler than most; light rose-red in shade but still 40% opaque. Slightly plasticky on the nose, mixed in with Turkish Delight and cranberry. Nice balanced texture on the palate, pleasant flavours, lighter palate with more elegance and floral flavours to the fruit than most of its peers at the tasting. Gentle tannins support a well balanced port. Gentle tingling aftertaste with a long, sweet maraschino cherry finish. A wonderful surprise from such a maligned vintage. 91/100. Decanted 9 hours.