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1920 Sandeman

Posted: 12:28 Sat 02 May 2015
by AHB
From an ullaged bottle. Burnished gold colour, 20% opaque. Varnish on the nose, oxidised and with rosemary starting to show, growing larger with more time in the glass. Sweet brown sugar syrup on the entry, coffee on the palate. Good flavours and complexity, with the brown sugar and coffee infused with thyme. A long and distinct finish with the bitterness of burnt sugar. Some heat on the aftertaste, a good length finish that is full of dry and slightly bitter flavours. 83/100. Drunk 15-Apr-15.

Re: 1920 Sandeman

Posted: 11:11 Fri 14 Aug 2015
by jdaw1
On Wednesday 15th April 2015 Wolfgang, Alex, Tom, Enrico, Maggie, my father and I met for some old claret at Otto’s, 182 Gray’s Inn Road WC1X 8EW.


Re: 1920 Sandeman

Posted: 11:44 Fri 14 Aug 2015
by jdaw1
S20: brown, 20% opaque. Palate slightly tawnified: runny honey, raisins, medium weight, very very smooth. Delicious gentle honey.