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Summer offline in Holland - Wednesday 2nd July

Posted: 10:13 Mon 05 May 2008
by RonnieRoots
LadyR and I plan to be back in Europe late June through July. Since this is probably the only time this year that we'll be back, I thought it might be a good idea to see if we can arrange some sort of offline.

I don't know yet if our plans allow a stopover in the UK, but maybe some of the British members can be persuaded to cross the Canal for the occasion? If Alex B. is still on for his Rotterdam trip 1/2 July, we could perhaps arrange something around that.

Ryanair flights are dead cheap, and they fly twice a day, including an evening flight, which is perhaps the most safe option for Derek.

Any volunteers?

(BTW, we also plan to go to Porto/Douro that period, so an offline there is also very well possible. :wink: :) )

Posted: 11:40 Mon 05 May 2008
by DRT
I'm in provided the dates don't cross with our family holiday in late July or anything else that has already been planned for me that I don't know about and also if I can have assurance that someone will take responsibility for getting me up in time to catch the flight :roll:


Posted: 12:29 Mon 05 May 2008
by RonnieRoots
I can give you a wake-up call. I believe I've done that before.

Posted: 13:08 Mon 05 May 2008
by DRT
RonnieRoots wrote:I can give you a wake-up call. I believe I've done that before.

Posted: 13:16 Mon 05 May 2008
by KillerB
I should be up for it, but Rotterdam? All of my Dutch students say less-than-complimentary things about Rotterdam.

Posted: 13:21 Mon 05 May 2008
by RonnieRoots
And they're right. It's just the place where Alex B. is supposed to be. But I wouldn't mind Amsterdam at all. (Or even The Hague / Scheveningen if AHB wants to stay close to Rotterdam.)

Posted: 22:02 Mon 05 May 2008
by AHB
I am most certainly still going to Rotterdam in early July (I'll be there the nights of July 1 and 2, but need to be sober and alert on the day of July 2 so could really only make a serious offline on Wednesday July 2 - but would be happy to meet anywhere in the vast country that is the Netherlands. I fly in and out of Amsterdam so would prefer to be closer to Amsterdam on the evening of July 2 than anywhere else.)


Posted: 05:59 Tue 06 May 2008
by RonnieRoots
July 2 is perfect for us. I will try to find a place in Amsterdam that allows BYO. Maybe StevieCage can point me in the right direction for that. Or if the weather permits, we could even organise an "offline on the canal". That'd be fun.

Posted: 15:53 Wed 07 May 2008
by RonnieRoots
Should we pick a theme for this offline? Some suggestions:

- Warre
- 1977
- Magnums

Other ideas?

Posted: 14:14 Thu 08 May 2008
by AHB
I'm happy to go with a theme; I'm happy for us not to have a theme but just "Bring a bottle of port wrapped in foil"

I will struggle to do magnums as I own exactly none!

If we use 1977 as a theme we will certainly be able to enjoy some great wines...

Posted: 05:05 Sun 11 May 2008
by RonnieRoots
I've edited the title, it now shows the final date.

I'm quite happy with the familiar theme "bottle in foil" as well, but let's see what the others say.

Posted: 19:27 Sun 11 May 2008
by Rubby
I'd like to attend!
Is it a diner time appointment or do I have to take the day off?

Might be wise to take the next day off, altogether.

Posted: 23:01 Sun 11 May 2008
by AHB
I will be working in Rotterdam during the day on July 2 so I would hope that we will be able to get together in the early evening, say at a time that allows me to leave Rotterdam around 6pm and drive to wherever the tasting takes place.

I would also be very grateful when we have organised a venue if someone who knows the area could recommend me a hotel - comfort and closeness being more important than price.


Posted: 06:26 Mon 12 May 2008
by RonnieRoots
Our good friend, and fellow Utrechter, Joost is also most likely to attend, depending on if everything goes well with the baby they expect any day now. He also kindly offered his house for the venue.

Alex, I'll send you a PM with information on places to stay in Utrecht and travel arrangements from Rotterdam and to Schiphol (which is only 30 minutes by direct train).

If we organise the offline at Joost's, we don't need aluminium/tin/silver foil. He has his blind tasting toolset all worked out, including numbered bags... :wink:

Posted: 06:32 Mon 12 May 2008
by RonnieRoots
As a recap:

Confirmed attendees:
- Rubby
- StevieCage
- LadyRoots
- RonnieRoots

Most likely to attend:
- Joost

Possible attendees:
- KillerB
- Derek T.

Possible themes:
- Something in a numbered bag
- 1977
(Votes (or other ideas) please)

- Utrecht (at Joost's house)

Posted: 09:58 Mon 12 May 2008
by Rubby
:) Excellent location sir!

Posted: 14:29 Wed 14 May 2008
by StevieCage
Excellent - count me in! '77VP sounds like a nice theme to me.

Posted: 08:45 Sat 17 May 2008
by RonnieRoots
If the theme is looking to be 1977, LadyR and I can bring Warre and Graham. This can be changed, if necessary, but let's see how far we get.

Posted: 09:12 Sat 17 May 2008
by RonnieRoots
KillerB and Derek, do you still have the intention to fly over? A Ryanair return flight is only £10 pp including taxes (but excl. of course all the silly charges they come up with during the booking process). I'm sure we can also arrange a place to sleep somewhere... :)

Posted: 10:03 Sat 17 May 2008
by DRT

Sorry, I can't get the time off work that week and I know I'm going to be as sick as a dog knowing you guys are supping all those 1977s :cry: :cry:

Hopefully we will meet up again another time soon.


Posted: 11:54 Sat 17 May 2008
by AHB
'77 sounds like a great theme. I don't have my cellar list with me but I know that I have Gould Campbell - I just hope it's not a corked GC77! I'm pretty sure that I have some other shippers apart from the ones already mentioned, but I'm not sure which they are.


Posted: 14:44 Sat 17 May 2008
by RonnieRoots
Derek: :cry: That's a shame, but quite understandable ofcourse.

Alex: I'd love to taste the GC again. I had it once, about 3 years ago, and remember it needed more than a day in the decanter to open up!

Posted: 15:31 Sat 17 May 2008
by StevieCage
Marieke (aka LadyCage :) ) would also like to join us. So we've settled on 77VP as the theme? Nice! I can provide Dow, Niepoort and / or Taylor.

Posted: 15:46 Sat 17 May 2008
by KillerB
I may still be able to make it - hold a place for me.

Posted: 16:06 Sat 17 May 2008
by StevieCage
88) KillerB! Should you need a place to crash afterwards, I'm sure we'll have a place for you either in Amsterdam or Utrecht.