2008 Graham Malvedos

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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2008 Graham Malvedos

Post by DRT » 02:35 Sun 21 Mar 2010

2008 Graham's Malvedos (w.i.p. cask sample)
Tasted as part of a vertical of 24 Graham's and Graham's Malvedos vintages at The RAF Club, Piccadilly, London, on 22nd March 2010.

The links: *Please note that the 2008 Cask Sample was donated to this tasting by the Symington family before the final blend was complete so this may not accurately represent what the 2008 Graham's or Graham's Malvedos will be, should either of these be approved and declared later in 2010.
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Re: 2008 Graham's Malvedos (w.i.p. cask sample)

Post by jdaw1 » 23:17 Mon 22 Mar 2010

Alas I was unable to take a tasting note of this port.

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Re: 2008 Graham's Malvedos (w.i.p. cask sample)

Post by AHB » 14:17 Tue 23 Mar 2010

A trial blend. A glass staining and opaque purple colour. Paul Symongton described the nose as "blue violets" and explained it was a very desirable scent, which predicted a lovely cinnamon tone in the future of the wine. Blueberries and floral perfumes dominated the nose. The texture in the mouth was very soft with fruit and floral tones dominating the initial impact and palate flavours. The tannins are soft and mostly hidden by the fruit but show clearly with air and on the finish. Is this going to be an early maturing wine with the elegance seen in the older wines tasted. 89/100.
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Re: 2008 Graham's Malvedos (w.i.p. cask sample)

Post by JacobH » 11:15 Thu 25 Mar 2010

I'm not very good at tasting cask samples and, by this stage, after 28 other Ports I was suffering from extreme palate-fatigue. The violets came across strongly and, I agree with AHB that the tannins were relatively soft, though I think it still has quite a lot of body which should allow it to last.

I was out of the room trying to find another dozen water jugs when everyone else was discussing this; was this from Quinta dos Malvedos or a more general Graham's blend?

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Re: 2008 Graham's Malvedos (w.i.p. cask sample)

Post by DrDirk » 21:08 Sat 24 Apr 2010

this is one of the best young ports I ever tasted: very delicous with its violetts and a very long aftertaste. Hopefully this will be the final blend.
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2008 Graham’s Malvedos Vintage Port (Cask Sample)

Post by Andy Velebil » 05:09 Fri 30 Jul 2010

2008 Graham’s Malvedos Vintage Port (Cask Sample):
I first must state that Paul Symington hand carried this over for the tasting. It is a ‟work-in-progress” sample and may or may not be the final blend. So this tasting note is only for this bottle and may or may not represent future bottles.

Wow a lovely nose of pure violets that is so seductive. This blend is 60% Touriga Nacional and for about a ½ second after you sip it you think it will be a soft Port. Then it just hammers your mouth with massive fruit, tannins, and acidity. I felt like I went a round with Mike Tyson. Plenty of chocolate on the long finish cap off such great potential in this Port. We all loved this one and did our best to convince Paul this was the one to bottle. Again my notes state ‟Closer to 95.” 93-95

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