TPF 2010 Offline Summary

Organise events to meet up and drink Port.
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TPF 2010 Offline Summary

Post by AHB » 01:20 Sun 05 Dec 2010

I thought that it might be of use to have a summary or index to past offlines and possible future offlines being organised through or attended by posters on TPF. With a single summary list it should be easier for people to see quickly whether there is an offline coming up that they would like to attend.

All offlines on the list are set out with the following information:
Date (Location) Theme (Comment)
Tue 5th Jan (London) Beating the New Year Blues
Thu 28th Jan (Wokingham) Rebello Valente 1963
Mon 1st Feb (London) '75s and Others
Thu 11th Feb (London) Oscar Night
Fri 19th Feb (New York) The American Crossword Championships Vertical of Sandeman
Tue 23rd Feb (London) A Complete Vertical of Vesuvio
Tue 23rd Feb (London) The Vesuvio Epilogue
Tue 9th Mar (London) Bring a Bottle
Mon 22nd Mar (Paris) A Small Vertical of Graham
Mon 22nd Mar (London) Twenty-eight Vintages of Graham's and Malvedos from 1955 to 2008
Thu 1st Apr (New York) The New York Wines of Portugal Show
Fri 16th Apr (Sussex) Four Ports in Sussex
Sat 17th Apr (Sussex) 40 Years of Warre 1945-1985
Mon 19th Apr (London) The First Big Fortified Tasting
Mon 19th Apr (London) A Thirsty American in London
Wed 21st Apr (Wokingham) Warre Revisited
Thu 6th May (London) Election Night Port
Fri 14th May (London) Eleven Ports From 1978
Wed 19th May (London) Fourteen Wines from 1960
Tue 25th May (Derbyshire) A Blind Tasting
Mon 21st Jun (New York) Oscar Quevedo Visits New York
Mon 21st Jun (London) Eight Ports from 1982
Mon 5th Jul (Wokingham / Derbyshire) A Review of the 2008 Vintage
Fri 9th Jul (Utrecht) Twenty Ports from Fonseca 1970-2008
Thu 15th Jul (London) Six Blind Ports from 1970
Wed 5th Aug (London) Anything But Vintage
Thu 26th Aug (London) Bring a Blind Bottle to Share
Fri 27th Aug (Derbyshire) Eight Vintage Ports
Tue 7th Sep (London) Dow From 1958 to 1991
Fri 1st Oct (Sussex) Keep Glenn Awake
Tue 12th Oct (London) 55 @ 55
Mon 25th Oct (London) Berry Brothers' Tasting of Noval and Nacional
Mon 8th Nov (London) Oscar's Return - Jacob's Revenge
Thu 11th Nov (London) Ramos Pinto Tawny
Fri 12th Nov (Germany) A Very Large Niepoort Tasting
Sun 14th Nov (New York) Three Unusual Vintage Ports
Sun 14th Nov (London) Decanter Masterclass - Half a Century of Superlative Port from the Symingtons
Fri 19th Nov (London) Dinner and Two Ports
Thu 16th Dec (Wenden's Ambo) The TPF Christmas Offline
Sun 19th Dec (Wokingham) A Christmas Continuation
Wed 29th Dec (Wenden's Ambo) Cold Turkey

And useful links to offline summaries for 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009 and 2008.
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Re: TPF 2010 Offline Summary

Post by Chris Doty » 20:11 Sun 05 Dec 2010

What a wise idea and helpful post!

My what a busy year 2010 was -- and what wonderful friends you made!!

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