2012 Tastings

Organise events to meet up and drink Port.
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2012 Tastings

Post by RAYC » 18:35 Tue 06 Dec 2011

Currently, proposed 2012 tastings that are easily accessible for UK/German-based tasting groups are as follows:

2 March: 1980 Horizontal (Leverkusen)
After 12 March: Delaforce Vertical (London - date needed)
29 March: The Birthday Boys' Tasting (London - theme needed)
25 July: London Olympiad Vertical (London)
23 November: 20 Years of Port (Leverkusen)

Two questions:

Do we need to start firming up the plans for the Delaforce Vertical and Birthday Boys' Tasting (eg: theme for Birthday Boys' Tasting, date for Delaforce Tasting)? One suggestion was that the Birthday Boys' Tasting should be one and the same as the Delaforce Vertical - if the Birthday Boys decide against this suggestion, do we need to postpone the Delaforce Vertical until later in the year?

Do we need to pencil in a casual early-January offline at TCP to see in the New Year?!
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Re: 2012 Tastings

Post by AHB » 10:52 Wed 07 Dec 2011

29th March is a Thursday, so JDAW may prefer an alternative day of the week for the Birthday Boys' Tasting.

I do like the idea of a casual offline in January at TCP. How about the 9th or 10th?
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