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Offline at Andy's house to celebrate Alex B.'s visit to L.A.

Posted: 02:04 Tue 16 Oct 2007
by Andy Velebil

My house, October 31st (Wednesday) at 6pm. I live about 10-12 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles for those that are thinking about coming. I know some of you may be coming straight from work so if you get here earlier than 6pm that is no problem. I'll have some appetizers and an appertif ready for you. Dinner will start about 7ish.

The theme is any older Vintage Port or Single Quinta VP (pre-1980), Old LBV (pre-1990), or old colheita. For the vintage Ports, if we could keep them to 1980 or older that would be great. If you don't have anything that old, don't worry bring what you got. The most important thing is for you to come and have a good time.

If you could please email or PM me to RSVP as soon as possible, as I need to figure out how much food to get. Even if your not 100% sure if you can make it, please let me tenatively know. Also, let me know if you need directions to my house.

I'll be taking care of the food, so all you need to bring is Port.

Also #2, please let me know what you plan on bringing to aviod any duplicate bottles (yes this happened before...I should have bought a lotto ticket that night, lol) and I'm going to ask our favorite placemat maker to make some up for our offline.

Any questions let me know


Posted: 08:17 Tue 16 Oct 2007
by Conky
There goes the Neighbourhood! :D :D :D

Have a good un.

Posted: 13:59 Tue 16 Oct 2007
by DRT
:cry: :cry: :cry:

Posted: 15:05 Tue 16 Oct 2007
by Andy Velebil
I figure those neighbors that havn't already made plans to get out, will be running for their lives by nightfall :wink: :lol: :lol:

Posted: 15:06 Tue 16 Oct 2007
by Andy Velebil
Of course Alex may be running for his life when I take him to Hollywood (aka: Hollyweird) and show him all the freaks down there :twisted: :lol:

Re: Offline at Andy's house

Posted: 19:01 Wed 17 Oct 2007
by jdaw1
ADV wrote:I'm going to ask our favorite placemat maker to make some
Let me know what ports, what people, and whether you can print onto US Legal (14Ã 8½).

Posted: 22:47 Wed 17 Oct 2007
by Andy Velebil
OK, thanks. as soon as I get the finally count of what bottles will be there I'll let you know. I should be able to print onto US Legal without any problems. Thanks again.

Posted: 18:20 Wed 31 Oct 2007
by Conky
I'm sure you guys will have a Ball. If it's a Halloween Ball, think of the money your gonna save, NOT having to buy masks! :D

If it doesn't get in the way, take a couple of pictures so we can enjoy it vicariously. Hope you have a great evening.

I'm beginning to notice the amount of Off-Lines I'm NOT going to! :cry:


link to the placemats

Posted: 18:38 Wed 31 Oct 2007
by jdaw1
I forgot to put a link to the placemats in this thread:

Posted: 18:55 Wed 31 Oct 2007
by Andy Velebil

just steal a jet from the military and get over here, you'll be just in time for dinner and the ports

Posted: 19:10 Wed 31 Oct 2007
by AHB
Its only a 10 hour flight from Heathrow, doesn't even need to be a miltary jet. Act now and you could be with us...

Posted: 22:21 Wed 31 Oct 2007
by DRT
I think there is only about 6 hours to go before this kicks off. I am very surprised and disappointed to find that ADV has not posted some helpfull TN headers and a Review thread with appropriate and non-excessive linkage :lol:

Have fun guys - and remember, some of us only have 18.75cl's of LBV to drink tonight :roll: :cry: :cry:


Posted: 15:03 Thu 01 Nov 2007
by Conky
Must have been a good un, or a disaster! Or maybe it's still going...?

Alan :D

the water-drinking encouragement was a miserable failure

Posted: 18:50 Thu 01 Nov 2007
by jdaw1
Well, no comment yet suggests that the water-drinking encouragement was a miserable failure. Back to the drawing board.

Posted: 20:22 Thu 01 Nov 2007
by AHB
The event went extremely well. However, Andy was on duty early Thursday morning and will not be back until around 1am your time - I'm sure he will post pictures and comments when he gets back (perhaps on FTLOP with a link here). I'm also trying to catch up on a load of things before my meetings start in 30 minutes.

The wine of the night may come as a surprise to people, but I won't steal Andy's thunder.

More later.

Posted: 20:46 Thu 01 Nov 2007
by Andy Velebil
Sorry, after only 4 hours sleep last night I am a bit tired at work right now. i still have some cleaning to do when I get home from work later tonight, but I should be able to get stuff up late tonight.

I will say it was a great time and I really enjoyed sharing some old Ports with friends. With a couple of surprises along the way that were quite impressive. More later...