Tasting and Lunch at Quinta do Crasto Monday 29th June 2009

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Tasting and Lunch at Quinta do Crasto Monday 29th June 2009

Post by KillerB » 14:28 Wed 01 Jul 2009

Yet another wonderful visit, hosted by Miguel Roquette whose family own this beautiful estate. Miguel's passion for the wines cannot be understated and he was a great host providing us with a tour, a great tasting of the Crasto wines and fabulous food accompanied by more wines and Ports. Such hospitality is astonishing and I can't thank Miguel enough for doing this for us.

The wines:

Crasto Douro Red 2007
Crasto Douro Red 2008
Crasto Reserva 2007
Crasto Reserva 2006
Maria Teresa 2007
Vinha do Ponte 2007
Crasto White (somebody help me here)
Quinta do Crasto Vintage Port 2000
Quinta do Crasto Vintage Port 2003
Quinta do Crasto Vintage Port 2004
Quinta do Crasto Vintage Port 2005
Quinta do Crasto LBV Port 2005
Quinta do Crasto Vintage Port 1987
Quinta do Crasto Coheita Port 1970
Quinta do Crasto Vintage Port 2004
Constatino Vintage Port 1941

Please help me out if I've missed anything - don't think so, but the name of the white would be helpful.

Overall we came away from Crasto extremely happy but also incredibly impressed by the standard of wines. I'd never had the Maria Teresa or Vinha do Ponte before, a mistake I will not be repeating as I now know how to get it. Adnam's, here I come.

Once again, thank you to Miguel and all at Quinta do Crasto, a superb visit.
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Re: Tasting and Lunch at Quinta do Crasto Monday 29th June 2009

Post by DRT » 00:53 Wed 08 Jul 2009

Apologies for not getting to this thread (and some others in this series) sooner. Life has been busy since my little jaunt to the Douro :roll:

This was a fabulous visit. I have been to Crasto once before, in 2006 on one of Roy's Harvest Tours, but AHB and I arrived in darkness so could not fully appreciate the beauty of this place. Crasto occupies one of the most spectacular locations in all of the Douro valley on the north bank between Pinhao and Regua and the views from the house, pool and vineyards are spectacular.

Our host, Miguel Roquette, was the perfect example of the friendly, enthusiastic, generous and welcoming nature of the people who make the wines and ports we all love to drink. Thanks to Tom's bottomless cellar we were able to take a bottle of Constantino 1941 Vintage Port to share with Miguel after dinner. That port was made by Miguels's great grandfather and the joy on his face when we presented it to him was one of the highlights of the entire trip for me. The icing on the cake was that the bottle exceeded all expectation and turned out to be one of the most fabulous old VPs I have ever tasted. What a great honour it was to drink it in the place where it came from and with the great grandson of the man who produced it.

Crasto have many development and construction projects underway and I can't wait to go back there soon to see how it all turns out.

If you have never been to Crasto and get the chance to go do not pass it up!!

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