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Colheita Tasting in Germany

Posted: 11:41 Sat 26 Feb 2011
by Axel P
Yesterday I organised a fairly big Colheita tasting in Germany for all people who should know something more about this topic, i.e. specialised wine-merchants, sommeliers, journalists and bloggers.

In general I tried to show a comparison between the years 1995 and 1937. Producers who had no 37, sent something as close as possible to it, but were not allowed to send something older.
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Participating producers were:

Andresen: Colheita 1995
Andresen: Colheita 1937
Ca Velha: Colheita 1998
Dalva: Colheita 1937
Dalva: Colheita 1995
Kopke: Colheita 1995
Kopke: Colheita 1937
La Rosa: Colheita 1997
Niepoort: Colheita 1995
Niepoort: Colheita 1937
Noval: Colheita 1995
Noval: Colheita 1937
Pocas: Colheita 1995
Pocas: Colheita 1964
Quevedo: Colheita 1996
Krohn: Colheita 1995
Krohn: Colheita 1961
Messias: Colheita 1995
Messias: Colheita 1947
Warrre: Colheita 1995
Warre: Colheita 1937

Very interesting tasting with lots of good and exciting ports. Big thanks to the Portwineinstitute IVDP for co-organising this and to the producers supporting it.

I try to come up with the TNs asap.


Re: Colheita Tasting in Germany

Posted: 11:45 Sat 26 Feb 2011
by Axel P
First blog is online with some more pics: ... -und-1995/

(un-) fortunately in German.