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Wed 5th December at the Bunghole

Posted: 17:40 Sun 09 Dec 2012
by AHB
On Wednesday 5th December, three of us got together at the Bunghole to taste a sample bottle of the Borges Muito Velho that was being auctioned the following day. This is a port that was kept in the barrel in the Borges lodge for many years before being bottled in 1947. The bottles were kept in the lodge until a sample was submitted to the IVDP in 2007, when it was approved as "muito velho" tawny port.

We also had Offley Boa Vista 1963 vintage port, Ramos Pinto 1959 colheita (bottled 1973), Smith Woodhouse 1983 and Porto Cabral 1940 - which we believed to be a white colheita.

None of the ports were blockbusters, but all made for very decent if rather eclectic drinking.

The organising thread can be found here.

Re: Wed 5th December at the Bunghole

Posted: 09:39 Mon 10 Dec 2012
by AHB
Wine of the night voting was fairly consistent. Only one questions was asked "What is the wine of the night?". 6 points to be allocated by each person, no more than 3 points to any port. The voting was:

1st place - 1940 Cabral white colheita - 8.25 points
2nd place - NV Borges Muito Velho - 8.25 points
3rd place - 1963 Offley Boa Vista vintage port - 7.5 points
=4th place - 1959 Ramos Pinto colheita - 0 points
=4th place - 1983 Smith Woodhouse vintage port - 0 points

The more mathemetical among you will spot that the 1st and 2nd place wines have the same number of points. A coin toss was used to decide which was the better wine on the night.

The even more mathematically astute will spot that 3 people with no more than 6 points each appear to have allocated 24 points to the various wines drunk on the night. That is a mystery which will never be explained...