Thu 27th November - the BBR Port Walk

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Thu 27th November - the BBR Port Walk

Post by AHB » 07:40 Tue 06 Jan 2015

On Thursday 27th November 2014 (and on Friday 28th) Berry Brothers held their annual port walk. As is our custom, several TPF members attended and worked steadily through the ports on offer and presented by Charles Symington. Both nights were sold out; it is pleasing to see yet more evidence of the growing popularity of Port.

I didn't take notes of all of the Ports on offer, but I have a record of the following:
Berry Brothers Crusted (from Dow) 2007
Berry Brothers LBV (from Quinta do Noval) 2008
Croft 1985
Dow 1994
Fonseca 1977
Fonseca 1985
Fonseca 2003
Gould Campbell 1970
Graham 1977
Quarles Harris 1970
Quinta de la Rosa LBV 2008
Smith Woodhouse 1977
Taylor 1985
Taylor 2003
Vesuvio 1997
Warre 1977
Warre 1994

Over the next few days I will add my tasting notes to the forum and create a proper set of threads. If anyone has a note of the other wines at the tasting which I've missed then please let me know what they were and whether you have a note of them.
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Re: Thu 27th November - the BBR Port Walk

Post by flash_uk » 00:15 Thu 08 Jan 2015

I have my notes from this but they are at the office - will check tomorrow and see if I had anything else beyond your list here.

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Re: Thu 27th November - the BBR Port Walk

Post by AW77 » 23:22 Sun 11 Jan 2015

In addition to the ports you mentioned, the following were served at the PortWalk:

- NV Berry's St James Finest Reserve Port (Quinta de la Rosa)
- NV Quinta de la Rosa White Port
- NV Berry's William Pickering 20-year-old Tawny Port (Quinta do Noval)

I only have a very short TN for the 20-year-old Tawny: tastes younger than other 20-year-old Tawnies (from memory I think I quite liked it)
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