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Post by JacobH » 12:16 Mon 03 Nov 2014

For a Port-themed forum, it seems a shame that we are lacking a Francesinha thread.

Has anyone :tpf: tried making one? Finding a good sauce recipe is a bit of a challenge. I tried with: some garlic; some chillis; half-a-bottle of lager; one stock cube; about three table-spoons of crushed tomatoes; bay leaves; and a small quantity of Port. Not having any Portuguese cheese to hand, I used a little “pizza topping” mozzarella, which I think is broadly similar and which, in a wild act of heterodoxy, I toasted.

I think, for one person, it had rather too much stock and tomato (hence to bright red colour) but that can be worked on. For the sensitive carnivorousness eyes on :tpf:, I will not disclose what was between the bread!
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Re: Francesinha

Post by Glenn E. » 17:32 Mon 03 Nov 2014

Looks like a fine Francesinha, especially for a first attempt!
Glenn Elliott

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