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GCHQ quiz

Posted: 00:23 Fri 29 Jan 2016
by Doggett
Any :tpf: thoughts on this? Julian?

Re: GCHQ quiz

Posted: 01:23 Fri 29 Jan 2016
by flash_uk
I completed the nonogram, scanned the resultant QR code, then got to this set of questions:

Managed to complete that lot, then got to stage 3. Then via Google I realised you could find the link to the final stage of questions without needing to answer the preceding stages:

Final stage

Got nowhere near solving these.

Re: GCHQ quiz

Posted: 10:56 Fri 29 Jan 2016
by Doggett
Very impressive Mike...GCHQ are preparing a job offer for you now :D

Re: GCHQ quiz

Posted: 15:21 Fri 29 Jan 2016
by PhilW
Damn, Mike, wish I'd seen these earlier; my kind of puzzles.
"Sum" seems too straightforward; I can see how "Manifold Agreement" works, and the start of method for "Looter"...
Now, if I can just persuade my clients that I don't need to do any more work today!