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Axel P
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Unable to enter the site

Post by Axel P » 09:12 Mon 07 Jan 2008


all the best for 2008!!!

Again, Im a hughe fan of your forum and totally enjoy being here.

Strangely enough I cant get into your forum from my two home-pcs. Any idea where that might come from?



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Taylor Quinta de Vargellas 1987
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Post by KillerB » 10:06 Mon 07 Jan 2008


Can you be more specific please? Are there error or warning messages or is it coming up with the Windows screen of death? It's possible that you have settings that do not allow access to an alcohol-based site!

Obviously you can get into the site on your userid so it must have something to do with the machines or your ISP.



P.S.I knew Julian was attempting a coup, this just proves it.
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Simon Lisle
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Post by Simon Lisle » 22:31 Mon 07 Jan 2008

I told you so

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