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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1970 Warre's Vintage Port

Post by DRT » 00:37 Wed 27 Jun 2007

1970 Warre's Vintage Port - tasted Aug 2006
The bottle has a standard Warre's label but is marked "Specially Selected by Peatling and Cauldron, Bury St Edmunds" with the word Oporto written on the left hand side of the label. Not sure if this is a UK bottling but the bottle is a very light green colour which suggests to me that it is. The cork is stamped and was removed intact.

On Decanting
The wine came off the sediment very easily, the green bottle helped, and was a dark brownish red on decanting. A small galss revealed a nice bright red appearance with a brown rim fading to clear at the edge. A spirity nose seems to be disguising some nice red fruits. Good fleshy mouth feel but the heat is overpowering everything else.

+4 Hours
Colour is now even darker and alchohol has mostly blown off the nose. Mouth feel is beautifully thick and smooth with lots of black fruits and no heat on entry. Very long sweet finish which ended with a tingle of mint and alchohol on the tip of the tongue.

+9 Hours
Colour now a dark and bright red ruby. Spirity nose has returned slightly but the house is very warm. Still smooth and fruity with hints of cherry and mint. Superb chewy texture and now showing some tannin in the finish which remains long and sweet with the tongue tingle at the end.

+14 Hours
Not much change from 9 hours, if anything the finish is more tannic than before.

+26 Hours
More fruit on the nose with less heat. Still chewy and very smooth and sweet on entry. Short burst of heat which fades quickly into a long dry finish.

+36 Hours
Smooth and sweet vith very little heat now. Tannins still around but mouth starting to soften. Seems to be fading a bit now.

Reading back over my notes I think I may have missed the peak of this wine somewhere between 14 and 26 hours after decanting. This bottle hasn't given me the pleasure that my one and only previous bottle did but I still think it is a fabulous wine. With the heat that it has I wish I had saved it for a cold winter night.


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