1985 Graham

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1985 Graham

Post by LGTrotter » 23:49 Thu 08 Feb 2018

I have had a few 85s recently which I thought had been going through an awkward phase, Warre, Dow and Sandeman, so I thought I would check in on this, one of my favourites.

Good colour, clear and bright, dark, but not in the first flush of youth, the meniscus is fading at the rim but not too brown or pale. The nose is muted, a little waxy, a bit of blackcurrant. It may do better with more air, it has now been open for about six hours, stoppered in a cool place. The palate is lovely. I know this sounds trite but it is. Initially it tastes quite simple, smooth and glossy. Plenty of fruit at the front and a good bump of tannin in behind. The tannins seem ripe and well integrated. Very good length and evolution on the palate. It still reminds me most of wild blackberries, in the way they add a floral note to a blackberry and apple crumble. Good port, no rush to drink this but a reasonable argument could be made for why wait? I shall certainly try and wait some more. 94 points.

Andy Velebil
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Re: 1985 Graham

Post by Andy Velebil » 05:32 Sun 11 Feb 2018

A number of 83/85's have been in an awkward stage for a while. About a year or so ago 85 Fonseca finally started to slowly come out of it. I'm still not convinced the majority of top ones from this vintage are fully out of it yet. So I've deferred opened them for some time and will probably give them another year before doing so again.

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