1955 Niepoort

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Re: 1955 Niepoort

Post by jdaw1 » 09:07 Thu 14 Oct 2010

Ni55: red-orange. Nosing, deliciously, of orange-marmalade. A big port, unctuous and orangey. Also cedar-wood. Some heat mid-palate. CMAG rightly said ‟weird”, but not in a bad way. CRS: ‟exotic”.

In the second flight competition (Mk, Mz, Ni, N, O, S, T, and W) scoring 19 points, being ranked first by five including me and second by two, for the Silver Medal of this flight. (Though I thought Niepoort deserved first place, it was only an edge ahead of third-placed 17-pointed Noval.)

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Re: 1955 Niepoort

Post by DRT » 15:58 Thu 14 Oct 2010

Lovely nose of boiled sweets and spice. Thick and unctuous - delicious juice. This was my favourite of the second flight and 3rd or 4th overall.

This proved to be something of a ‘Marmite’ experience. One half of the table loved it whilst the other half hated it (some more vocally than was really necessary in civilised company).
"The first duty of Port is to be red"
Ernest H. Cockburn

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Re: 1955 Niepoort

Post by AHB » 10:26 Sun 17 Oct 2010

Provided by the kindness of Dirk Niepoort. Decanted from a dumpy bottle. Light red - more burnt sienna - in colour, 40% opaque. A lovely nose, very floral and with some interesting mild lime. Thick in texture, full of clover honey mixed in with rich fruit, cherry and kumquat. Rather empty on the aftertaste and with a very low level finish. Pleasant wine. 85/100.
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Chris Doty
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Re: 1955 Niepoort

Post by Chris Doty » 10:38 Sun 17 Oct 2010

Perhaps the disappointment of the evening. This smelled/tasted exactly like that house party in '03 when all that maple syrup wound up in the pool. Not ideal. Huge chlorine component, mixed with cheap brown sugar. Not my cup o tea (but at least the bottle is a treasure!). 78 points.

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Axel P
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Re: 1955 Niepoort

Post by Axel P » 11:55 Wed 15 Dec 2010

Just had the German part of the tasting (55 @ 55). Along with the Niepoort there were: Croft, Cockburn, Dow, Fonseca, Graham, Gonzales Byass, Noval, Mc Kenzie, Martinez, Taylors, Warre and a Burmester Colheita.

All Ports showed outstandingly well, none of them weak or in bad shape. Niepoort was voted WOTN. The last 55 of this I had was only overshadowed by the extremely outstanding Niepoort 45.


Glenn E.
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Re: 1955 Niepoort

Post by Glenn E. » 22:54 Fri 31 Dec 2010

Color: Medium red.
Nose: Very nice nose - anise, something minty, green tean, orange rind, and phosphorus (like a match head).
Palate: Nice but not great. Some harshness. Didn't evolve over time as most Niepoorts do.
Finish: Lingers. Better over time.

Score: 88+ points. Concensus ranked this 2nd of the 2nd flight, behind the Taylor and ahead of the Noval by a mere half a point.
Glenn Elliott

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