1980 Kopke

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1980 Kopke Vintage Port

Post by gerwin.degraaf » 11:33 Fri 13 Jan 2012

Decanted at 13.00, first glass enjoyed at 21.30.
Slightly damaged capsule, tiny sign of some seepage. Cork came out wel, in one piece, it was fully saturated though.

Lightred in the center of the glass, towards the edge of the glass getting lighter onto almost transparant at the rim. It has a nice orange glow over it.

Lots of light/small red fruits, a combination of fresh and slightly dried fruits. Raspberry, strawberry dominate the fruity side. Further some floral tones and a whif of bitterness.

An explosion of fruit in my mouth. Displaying a full, vibrant and balanced mouthfeel. A (little) bit of acidity, with sweet- and bitterness that all balances out nicely.
Flavours of orangepeel/zest, red fruit, a bite of and firmness that reminds of leather, dark chocolate, some vanilla (from the wood?) and lovely integrated taninns.

Starting with the fruit tones, followed by the orangepeel bitterness towards the darker tones to the end, this all taking about one minute (maybe a little longer). :nirvana:

This is a very souple, imo completely developed VP. I don't think this will improve with further ageing, but will remain at this plateau for some years (I hope 5-10 but I really don't know so I'm just guessing here).
Thouroughly enjoyable glass of VP. On the lighter side of the scale imo, not overwhelming nor overpowering, this bottle of Kopke vintage. But very elegant and with excellent balance.

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